There are nations in Europe, which Europeans know little.

There are regions in Europe, which are hard to find on the map.

There are areas which already have been mastered by many and nevertheless even the rulers have not known much about them.

Such an unknown part of Europe is also Transcarpathia.

Agáta Dinzl-Rybárová



Here a new website will be created of the fascinating and for many people still very unknown region of the Carpathian Ukraine, also known as Transcarpathia.

Unfortunately at internet there are only very few and also often not updated information about this absolutely worthwhile destination to the "end of the world". Well actually this is not the "end of the world" but in fact the geographical center of Europe!

Me, I have visited the region in the beginning of 2011 for the first time and was impressed by its beauty and its friendly and charming people. I certainly will come back ...

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